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We represented Ms. Gray* in the adoption of her granddaughter, Abby*. Abby’s father had abandoned her as a baby, and Abby’s mother was addicted to cocaine. Abby’s brother was killed just a few years ago by a stray bullet.

Abby’s family sounds like the families of many children who seek love, support, and identity from pimps and gangs. But Ms. Gray, her determined grandmother, had used all of her strength to stand between Abby and the streets.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t well-equipped. She couldn’t make school decisions for Abby, and couldn’t get her dental or medical care. She was willing to do the hard work of raising Abby – and had done it for over a decade – but she didn’t have any legal authority and she couldn’t afford $5-10,000 it would cost to hire an attorney.

When we told her that we could represent her in obtaining legal custody or even adoption of Abby at a cost she could afford, Ms. Gray wept. Ms. Gray is working to protect Abby from becoming a victim of the streets, and JusticeMatters was able to better equip her to do it.

It’s an honor to serve families who are stepping up to do the really hard work – providing a safe, stable home for a child.