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Human trafficking violates the inherent dignity and worth of our neighbors—and we cannot ignore this injustice. Join us!

Your generosity equips JusticeMatters to seek justice for our neighbors.

We offer legal services at no cost. Our services are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars on the market, a cost our clients cannot afford. We firmly believe that no survivor should have to beg or borrow to obtain legal services, as this would increase vulnerability to future exploitation.

At the systemic level, it’s going to take the expertise, assets, and influence of each one of us, doing our part, to expose and cripple the human trafficking industry.

The generosity of our supporters sustains this work. Join our champions, clients, and the giving circles, congregations, corporations, and foundations who combat human trafficking by contributing to JusticeMatters.

Thank you for partnering with us to protect children and help survivors rebuild their lives!

Special Thanks To Our Corporate Sponsors