Make a Referral

To make a referral to JusticeMatters, please call

919.794.7511 ext. 1 (English) or 919.794.7511 ext. 2. (Español).

If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message with your name, agency, and phone number. We try to return calls within two business days.

In general, JusticeMatters serves individuals seeking legal assistance for one or more of the following reasons. This list is intended to provide a general sense of whether your client could be eligible for legal assistance from JusticeMatters – this list may not be used to conduct a screening or to provide advice regarding eligibility for legal relief.

We offer immigration law services for:

  • Individuals who engaged in commercial sex acts in the U.S. as (1) minors (under 18), or (2) as an adult (18 and over) through force, fraud, or coercion;
  • Individuals who provided labor or services in the U.S. through force, fraud, or coercion;
  • Minors (under 18) who have survived abuse, neglect, or abandonment by one or both parents in the U.S. or abroad;
  • Survivors of crime that occurred in the U.S. or violated U.S. laws;/li>
  • Survivors of abuse by a spouse, parent, step-parent, son, or daughter who is a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder.

We offer family law services for:

  • Caregivers raising children in need of a custody order;
  • Caregivers seeking to adopt children, including relative and step-parent adoptions;
  • Caregivers in need of legal authority to enroll children in school, obtain medical services, etc.;
  • Survivors of domestic violence in need of protective orders; and
  • Individuals planning for the future of their children in the event they become unable to care for them.